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About The Balanced Chiropractic Centre

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Our Yandina Chiropractors enjoy using their abilities to help others feel better, and live life more abundantly! Our practice members tell us they enjoy the thoroughness of our process, and the care we take when testing them. It’s gratifying when people who have been battling a condition for years start to see positive changes.

With two locations, The Balanced Chiropractic Centre is committed to providing as much assistance to our community as possible. We’re a family-orientated practice and offer both relief and wellness care for all ages. Many practice members begin care in our practice with a specific health concern, and then realise chiropractic is about optimal health—how to get well and stay well longer.

Take advantage of our $49 new patient special! Special includes a detailed medical history is taken to determine the exact symptoms you are experiencing, world class digital posture analysis & screening program, evidence based functional musculoskeletal assessment and orthopaedic & neurological exams.

To claim your $49 new patient special call (07) 3496 9345 or Book an appointment online to get started today!

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A Hands-on Approach

We focus on healing with chiropractic care. We pride ourselves on combining postural analysis, orthopaedic examination, neurological assessments, and X-ray imaging (when required) to help people achieve the best results. Our world-class digital postural analysis program allows us to identify any ailments or misalignments to better understand what their body is doing and how to correct it.

Our primary adjustment method is Diversified, the most used technique worldwide. This method of manual manipulation is used to remove subluxations and restore function and mobility to joints that are out of place or stuck. Once the body is moving freely, its natural healing abilities can function as designed.

Our chiropractors may also use other modalities, depending on what the practice member needs. We’re here to help, and the customised care plan is designed to specifically address those needs.

Take advantage of our $49 new patient special! Call (07) 3496 9345 or Book an appointment online to get started today!





The Balanced Chiropractic Centre

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Our practice is located on Grice Avenue, opposite Wyld Organics Marketplace, and close to FoodWorks Supermarket. We’re also just a short stroll from The Esplanade.

We keep our services affordable, so we can help as many people as possible. Health funds and Medicare are accepted.

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