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New Practice Members at
The Balanced Chiropractic Centre

Once the initial booking has been made, we do a one or two minute phone pre-consultation to ensure we can assist you. Once confirmed, you will receive a text message straightaway with a link to a short video. It’s a two-minute video of Dr Josh (Chiropractor) explaining what to expect at the first session.

Please allow 30 minutes each for the first two visits.


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The First Visit

When you walk in, our staff will give you paperwork to complete, before giving you an practice tour.

Once there, your chiropractor will do the initial consult, starting with your medical history. Then we’ll talk a bit about the spine, and how your issues affect daily activities. We address your health goals, so we know exactly what you hope to achieve from care, allowing us to tailor the plan to help you get there.

The physical exam is next, along with digital postural photos and functional tests. practice members at our Yandina location will receive a referral to get their scans done. We have in-house X-rays at our Yandina location.

We will then book your next appointment for the report of findings. This gives our doctor time to review the test results and create a personalised plan for you.

Capturing Progress through Digital X-rays

At Yandina we offer X-rays onsite and take X-rays at different phases of care. Track your progress step-by-step for the best results!

When You Return

The second visit is the report of findings. Before you arrive, you’ll receive another video link recapping the initial visit, and what to expect from this consult. At the practice, our doctor will first go over what the spinal X-rays and scans should look like before reviewing your results.

The focus of the discussion is on the existing subluxation, and the doctor will review your specific care plan to restore balance in your spine. You’ll also view another video before your first adjustment. Our staff will book the next visits based on your care plan. We also do a “Better Results Faster” workshop as you move into normal care.

Book Your Visit

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Reach out to a staff member or book online today.

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