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Meet Dr Michelle Brinkley (Chiropractor)

Dr Michelle BrinkleyDr Michelle Brinkley always wanted to help people, so she started studying somatology and massage therapy to improve the way people feel. This led her to have an amazing opportunity to work aboard cruise ships in 2012. On completing her first contract early due to a wrist injury, Dr Michelle took multiple medications and faced potential surgery. Due to the various side effects of the medication, she started having increased pain, fluid retention, no sleep and depression.

“I then discovered chiropractic care and loved its approach to health and the ability of the body to heal deeper. This changed my life and gave my body the strength and ability to do a second contract on ships.”

After Dr Michelle’s experience, she knew she needed to help more people who faced the same fate as her, or even worse. “I know the importance of maintaining a functional and healthy nervous system and musculoskeletal systems by finding the root of the cause and correcting it.” She’s passionate about helping everyone in the community achieve their health and life goals.

Education & Professional Development

Dr Michelle earned a BSc (Chiropractic) and an MClinChiro from Central Queensland University in 2021. She also has a Diploma of Somatology and Massage and a certificate in dry needling. She has also done world class coaching, training and development from world-renowned coaches.

Helping Patients Get Back to What They Love

“The most fulfilling part of being a chiropractor is seeing the joy return into my patients’ eyes once their issues have been corrected.” Dr Michelle enjoys seeing them do things they once had to stop, and now start loving their life again, or getting back to a sport or hobby they had to halt.

Starting from day one, we guide them through the chiropractic journey, and then help them understand the fundamentals of how their body works and how they can improve the function of their nervous system to live a better life and improve their health.”

In Her Spare Time

When she’s not working, Dr Michelle loves going to the beach or on a hike, spending time with her family on the boat, or even just having a nice relaxing BBQ.

Being a new mum, she knows the importance of making sure her family and kids have a fully functioning nervous system, so they can express their best selves and adapt to any challenges they may face.

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